RQ Risk Indicators

Applicant Characteristics:

A1 – Use of a suspect residential address.
A2 – NCB in FOSS, Warning or Note(s) in GCMS indicating a concern.
A3 – Previous citizenship applications which were not approved, withdrawn, abandoned, renounced or revoked.
A4 – Discrepancy in absences between citizenship application and CIC information during the relevant 4 years period.
A5 – Self-identified as a consultant, self-employed or unemployed, with any travel during the relevant 4 year period.
A6 – Absences to home country to sell land/property or to take care of ill family member during the relevant 4 year period.
A7 – Applicant has self declared having less than 1095 days of physical presence.

Family Characteristics:

B1 – Child born outside Canada during the relevant 4 year period.
B2 – A child has made a non-concurrent minor application.


C1 – ID (provided in support of application) has been issued within 3 months of date of application.
C2 – Inconsistency between address on ID and address on application form.
C3 – Photograph and/or signature on the application do not resemble photograph and/or signature on identity document.
C4 – NPR time (non permanent resident time) has been used in the calculation of basic residence and the original entry data used does not appear on the IMM 1000, the Confirmation of Permanent Residence or in CIC records.

GCMS — Global Case Management System (new CIC computer system)
FOSS — Field Operations Support System (old CIC computer system)
NCB — Non-computer based entry
POE — Port of Entry
NPR time — Non-Permanent Resident time


2 responses to “RQ Risk Indicators

  1. Can anyone explain what a non-computer based (NCB) entry is? I have been looking every where to find it but not clear explanation of what it is.


    • Hi Kayla,
      It’s my understanding that an NCB is a hand-written note or warning in or on an applicant’s file. The challenge with NCB is that it describes the format, but not the essence of the issue raised.

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