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Qualified residents deserve a fair and timely path to citizenship

Dear Minister,

I am writing to express my frustration with Citizenship and Immigration Canada’s backlog of 344,516 citizenship cases and record citizenship processing delays. I believe eligible applicants, including the tens of thousands who have received the dreaded Residence Questionnaire, have a right to a fair and timely path to citizenship. While there are no official timelines, the CIC estimates that Residence Questionnaire recipients will wait three to six years for their applications to be processed. As a long-time resident and taxpayer who met the residency requirements for citizenship long ago, I believe such processing times are unacceptable. Citizenship is important. It should not be withheld unduly or capriciously through unreasonable, indefinite processing times. Please speak out against these growing delays.

The citizenship delay affects me in this way: (List emotional, financial or practical consequences of unreasonable citizenship delay).

I suggest: (Fill in what you would like the official or the CIC to do about the backlog).

Canada has long enjoyed a reputation for good governance. This is not strengthened by an opaque citizenship process rife with unknown delays. Long-time permanent residents who have built their lives, careers and families here deserve better. Canada deserves better.


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