Québec Health Records

RAMQ does not officially make their record request form available online, and requires you to call them to ask that the “Profil médical” request form be sent to you. Alternatively, an RQ recipient scanned the English form. Please beware that the form may be updated without our knowledge and, if you find out that this form is out-of-date, please leave a comment to let me know.


6 responses to “Québec Health Records

  1. You can also go personally to the RAMQ office (downtown Montréal) and request for your “Fiche historique personnelle”. If you bring your RQ form with you, the RAMQ will register your data and they say they can send directly to CIC, or to your home address. It takes up to 20 days to receive.

    • Thanks Jaqueline. I want to add that it may be a better choice to have RAMQ send the document to you, rather than the CIC, so you can verify its arrival and make a photocopy for your records.

      • I agree Eileen! But as the agent said don’t rely on the 45 business days, instead go and request your data just on the next day upon the arrival of your RQ and request it to your address (then make copies). If you leave it to the last day, then send to CIC but you wont have a copy to your records.

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