Ontario Health Records

You need to send a written request for your Personal Claim History. This request should include:

•Return address
•Health card number
•Date of birth
•Time frame of the Personal Claim History (records go back seven years)

The request should be sent to the Personal Health Information Office of Ontario’s Ministry of Health:

Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care
Personal Health Information Office
49 Place d’Armes, 4th Floor
Kingston ON K7L 5J3

Call ServiceOntario to verify the process and address for the PCH request. Call the Personal Health Information Office at 613-548-6317 if you are experiencing processing delays.


4 responses to “Ontario Health Records

  1. When receive the OHIP Health Records (6-7 weeks after request), what is the procedure for sending additional Supporting Documents after I completed the initial Residence Questionnaire in the first place? How would I send the additional Supporting Documents in such a way that CIC will know that they are associated with my RQ?

    I don’t have a clue how CIC bureaucracy works. Please assist.


    • Thanks for the question, Anonymous. Send any additional supporting documents with a cover letter listing your File Number and Universal Client Identifier. Send it to the same address you sent your RQ response. Include a subject line listing “Residence Questionnaire Additional Supporting Documents” or some such information.

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