Resources for RQ Recipients

If it is true that you have applied fraudulently, this is the time to abandon your application and speak to a lawyer. If you, like the overwhelming majority of us, have not applied fraudulently, you must provide the most compelling proof available that you have met the residence qualifications. While it will be significantly delayed, have faith that you will eventually be granted citizenship.

What to do if you get an RQ
Sample letters to MPs
Sample letters to the Editor


10 responses to “Resources for RQ Recipients

    I am curious to know how many RQ Victims felt harassed at an interview when you had to sit in front of a CIC officer who looked you up and down, like you had committed a crime because you had traveled out of Canada. Legally, it does not matter how many times you traveled out & returned, so long as you fulfilled the requirements of “Residency”! That is, you must have 1095 days in the 4 years, preceding your Citizenship Application. Also, you must be present in Canada for 2 years in a 5 year span, to ensure you do not lose your “Resident” (or PR) status. You are allowed, by law, to reapply for a new PR card, upon expiration of the current PR card (which is good for 5 years at a time). There are certain conditions under which you may still be considered as Resident, even though you are/were out of Canada (e.g., accompanying a Canadian spouse…). Its about time CIC officers and Citizenship judges start asking questions surrounding the Residency laws, as outlined in the IRPA, and consider Citizenship Applications in light of Canada’s Citizenship Act, not their personal whims, wishes, wild guesses and ideas! Know your rights so you can be better prepared for unexpected questions. Here are some reminders to assist my “co-victims”. Please feel free to add, and even correct me in case you find anything out of place. Thanks!

  2. I think this article highlights some of the ambiguities surrounding Citizenship ‘qualifications’. I could not help notice this: “In 2010, the government tried to amend the Citizenship Act to clarify that “residence” meant “physical presence” in Canada. The bill died when Stephen Harper’s minority government lost a non-confidence vote and Parliament was dissolved in March, 2011.

  3. Hi Isabella, I experience quite the same thing each time when I enter Canada.
    My friend got their citizenship today within 10 months of applying. I applied in 2010. Still waiting…This is not fair. 😦

  4. Hi, Lale
    1. Thanks for the feedback. Suspicion of fraud (by CBSA,CIC) should be the exception, not the rule. I am always striving to emphasize this. After all, a PR card is NOT necessarily issued just once in a lifetime. Sometimes, such as when applicants have not met the residency requirements to be eligible for citizenship (1095 days in 4 years), or if their citizenship application is caught in the processing backlog, they need to renew their PR card. As long as they have fulfilled the residency requirements for permanent residence (generally 2 years of presence every 5 years), they are allowed to renew. But many times we are treated with suspicion because we haven’t gotten citizenship yet.

    2. Yes, one is eligible to apply for Citizenship upon completion of 1095 days in a 4 year period preceding application for Citizenship. It is not uncommon for immigrants to mix up the requirements of Residency (falling under the IRPA), with the right to Citizenship (falling under the Citizenship Act). Note that Border agents are not CIC representatives, and whether they really know the details of both the IRPA & Citizenship Acts to a tee is doubtful, judging by the way they question many returning PR holders.

    3. One should proceed on the premise that one is is cognizant of the Residency requirements, and should therefore not be intimidated by routine questioning. This is getting increasingly important if Citizenship applications are going to take up to 4/5 years to process! PRs have families and have the right to vacation abroad, visit a sick relative, spend a major holiday with family abroad, attend a wedding, volunteer outside Canada (from time to time), attend a conference abroad, etc. None of these activities are against the rules laid down in the IRPA (assuming one is not cheating the system).

    4. Can you please confirm that the case of your friend approved in 10 months was NOT an RQ case? If that is so, we have proof of at least 3 cases processed in 8,9 & 10 months, respectively.

  5. Thank u so much for the website.
    A quick question about RQ documents.
    Does all documents have to be certified copies? Ie. notice of accessment, t4?
    Much thanks

  6. I would like to share this news article on this Blog to help anyone who has been in this situation, or will face such a situation in the future. These remarks caught my eye: “The causes of schizophrenia are little understood. There is evidence, though, that it is associated with the process of immigrating from one country to another, as well as other stresses and traumas.”

    It is very encouraging to know that: “Justice Cecily said she did not have the authority to directly grant Mr. Chaudhary citizenship, but returned the case for consideration by a different citizenship adjudicator, guided by her ruling.”

    Here is the link for the Court Decision (note ‘precedent’ references also)

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