Records of Movement

The Residence Questionnaire requests “Travel Records and/or Records of Movement from all countries for which you have a passport or travel document.”

Contact the embassy or consulate of any country of which you are a citizen to find out if this information is available and what the process is for attaining it. Please note: if you were a refugee, do not contact the embassy or consulate of the country you sought refuge from except under the advice and counsel of a knowledgeable refugee lawyer. Contacting the embassy could be considered “re-availment” of the protection of your home country. This can put your refugee status, permanent residence and pending citizenship at risk.

Please comment on this post if you find out official procedures for accessing official travel records from the countries not listed below, especially for any of the top countries of origin for new Canadians (India, Philippines, China, Iran, South Korea, Sri Lanka).


41 responses to “Records of Movement

  1. Ukraine started providing travel history info to people. You can get it by filling out a form and mailing it to an address in Kyiv. Info is in Ukrainian but you can use Google translate to get an idea. General info: Form itself:

    Request must be sent by regular mail. Information may be received by mail, email or phone. It is not exactly clear whether the request has to be sent from inside the country or could be mailed from Canada.

  2. what if your country’s embassy does not provide such services? I am from India and I don’t think Indian Government keep any records of all people leaving and arriving in the country, or do they?
    Can’t I just scan and send passport stamps to prove my stay?

    • You cannot provide a document which does not exist. Call the Indian consulate to enquire. Write down the name of whomever you speak with. If they don’t believe such a document exists, say so in your RQ response cover letter and include the name of the official you spoke with. Try to include as much corroborating documentation as you can to prove the dates of your travel.

      • I went to the Pakistan Consulate and they said the same thing but that doesn’t mean Pakistan doesn’t issue records of movement. It just means most consulates and embassies aren’t interested in helping you obtain one so I suggest everyone to keep researching and trying to obtain their record of movement directly from their country of citizenship. Search for Immigration and border services in India or if you have a relative in India see if they can go to the airport and find out what department to contact in order to obtain the document. Unfortunately, our consulates and embassies are not helpful at all in this matter:(

  3. Russia does not keep or provide border crossing records for its citizens. There’s personalized information in the system only on foreign citizens and stateless persons. From FAQ from the Federal Security Service Border Control website (parts from last paragraph, translated):

    Is it possible to get the information (records) about crossings of the state border of the Russian Federation?

    The legislation of the Russian Federation does not provide for keeping personal records of the crossings of the state border of the Russian Federation by the border authorities (…it keeps track of the actual number of persons crossing the border).

    In this regard, it’s impossible to confirm or disprove information about persons crossing the state border of the Russian Federation. Border control reports information about entries … or exits … of foreign citizens and stateless persons during 24 hour period to immigration control, which forms the state information system of migration control.

    Procedures defining how to access and provide the information contained in the system are defined in the Regulation about the state information system of migration control, approved by decree №94 of the Government of the Russian Federation on 14 February 2007.

    Thus, the Federal Migration Service may have the information about entries into the Russian Federation or exits from the Russian Federation of foreign citizens and stateless persons.

  4. I asked the CIC and was told that if I provide photocopies of my passport and they are all intact, I do not need to provide the record of movement. It seems in general when the questionnaire asks for a list of things, just providing one out of the list is sufficient, not everything in the list.

    • I would caution though that no known CIC Operational Bulletins or public documentation verify the Call Centre agents opinion. If your country makes Records of Movement available, I would recommend providing them as part of your RQ response. It’s important to take the opinions of Call Centre agents with a grain of salt, as many agents have differing opinions and they may reflect the reality of CIC policies with varying accuracy. Citizenship Officials, Officers and Judges may have other opinions.

      Each applicant needs to judge for themselves, or in consultation with a settlement worker or immigration lawyer, what is the appropriate documentation for their case. In general, try to follow the instructions as closely as possible. The RQ states that recipients should “provide the following supporting documents that apply to your situation.” It does not say “Provide one document out of this list of documents.” I would caution against not including documents that are applicable to your situation. In various internal CIC emails released through ATIP, CIC officials and officers have stated that most RQ recipients do not provide enough documentation. It’s probably safer to provide a little too much information rather than too little information.

    • “Relevé de voyage ou déplacements” according to the french RQ (CIT 0171f). I have heard (but not verified) that the Schengen countries do not collect entry and exit information for citizens, so cannot provide records of movement. Please let me know if this is true!

  5. You’re welcome! Glad I could help. The Pakistan Consulate in Toronto were not helpful at all. I had to research and find the contacts myself. I hope this makes it easier for others:)

    • Sandra: It’s so helpful to be able to pass along some of this hardwon knowledge that we gain when struggling our way through the RQ process. Because CIC decided not to create any guide for RQ recipients, each one has to figure all this out as they go through and many of us become experts on particular parts of the process by dint of sheer necessity. And then we file our RQs and move on and all our expertise is lost. So the next ten thousand RQ recipients have to go through the same hassle individually.

      It’s inefficient and it reinforces this idea that we’re all alone. But of course we’re not. There are about 40,000 RQ recipients and there will be many more. Thanks for passing along some of the knowledge!

      Questions: Is it necessary to email both and Also, can you verify that the form is called a “travel history”?

  6. I first e-mailed who then connected me with but I received 2 separate documents from both (FIA and IBMS) so I would advise anyone seeking it to e-mail both.
    Yes, the form that needs to be requested is known as a “Travel History Record” and the requester should include all the info I posted above along with their request to save time.

  7. Just a note about UK Border Agency requests. They told me that only 55% of border crossings are covered by their electronic tracking service, and as such, they could not provide a complete list of my movements into and out of the UK, and so could not comply with my subject access request.
    I’m hoping this will not be a problem with my RQ but am scared that it will.

    • Thanks for the note Julie. Regarding whether this would be a problem for you, as RQ recipients, we can only do the best we can do. You are not responsible for the UK government’s inability to provide complete records of movement.

      • I agree Eileen. It’s just scary that we can be left in limbo with absolutely no control in this situation. I have provided reams of paper supporting my application and to have it disappear into the ether and not know what is happening with it is terrifying.

  8. For people from Colombia living in Ontario, the document that the Colombian Consulate provides is a Certificate of Residence, which cost US$41. So, you must buy american dollars to pay it. They give you the Certificate in 2 days.

  9. What about someone having a Laissess-Passer (travel document) meaning stateless (no citizenship) ? how can he claim for records of movement?

    • While I’m unsure of how to get Records of Movement for the ICRC Laissez-Passer, I want to reiterate that any citizenship applicants who came to Canada as refugees should absolutely speak to a refugee lawyer or a knowledgeable settlement worker before contacting the government of their country of origin to ask for Records of Movement.

      While Records of Movement are helpful documents to include in an RQ response, my sense is that they are not essential, since many countries do not offer them and I have never heard of the ICRC offering them. You cannot provide a document which does not exist. If you can include full copies of the LP and any other expired passports or travel documents, it will probably suffice for your RQ.

      However, if you do learn of a process for getting an official record of movement from the ICRC, please let me know!

  10. I am confused with the recommendations here. If you were a refugee before becoming a PR and you are applying for your citizenship now you are NOT supposed to contact your embassy for the record of movement? What are you supposed to provide instead?

    • Please contact a knowledgeable refugee lawyer first and seek their advice. A settlement agency can put you in touch with a low or no cost option. This is out of an abundance of caution, but the first priority has to be to keep your PR status safe. You cannot become a citizen if you are no longer a PR.

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