More CIC internal emails on RQs (from ATIP request)

More CIC internal emails on RQs

I would like to have clarified  whether we are expected to do internet searches for all residence clients? Exactly what are the parameters and criteria when doing a search? (p7)

Some time ago, the field was advised to hold citizenship applications from clients whose address was outside Canada, pending a policy decision on how they would be handled. (p8)

We are aware that indicator A5 and C1 are the source of many of the RQs that have been issued. (p11)

We are noticing that clients are not providing comprehensive submissions in most cases. (p13)

Additionally, just as an FYI, the majority of automatic RQs as per the triage criteria/risk indicators are due to A5, C1. (p13)

Seeking additional documents should be done only in rare instances. (p15)

A5 – Self-identified as a consultant, self-employed or unemployed, with any travel during the relevant 4 year period.
C1 – ID (provided in support of application) has been issued within 3 months of date of application.


2 responses to “More CIC internal emails on RQs (from ATIP request)

  1. Interesting how much of the pertinent information in this and the previous are redacted. Wonder how much they spend on Whiteout? Have you attempted to read the “redlined” redactions by increasing contrast on print?

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