ATIP Releases

RQ development process (pdf)

CIC RQ Triage Interpretations

Summary below thanks to Akella:

  • A2: FOSS concerns – no RQ if FOSS/GCMS criminality noted (5,7)
  • A3: previous applications not approved/withdrawn/etc. – no RQ if refusal/withdrawal due to language, knowledge or both (10)
  • A4: discrepancies in absences – you get a pass if discrepancies are 3 occasions or less and/or less than 5 days (29)
  • A5:
    • Homemakers, retirees, students are not considered unemployed (4,9, 18). You better write “homemaker” in the app if you are a homemaker (14).
    • Explanation of consultant/self-employed with travel situation (5,8-9) – they went with a “strict” scenario – any period of unemployment within 4 years + any travel, even if it does not coincide with unemployment
  • A6: absences to sell property/take care of ill family member – you get a pass if it is within 6 mo from landing, or 2 or fewer such absences in total (29)
  • C1: Renewed IDs in 3 months (3,5,9) – likely not applicable anymore, confirmation that it was updated, but no update text (29)
  • C2: Inconsistency between addresses interpretation – if address on ID does not matches current address per app, but matches one of the previous ones in the same app (i.e. you have not updated your ID after move) – no RQ, but you may be questioned (16)
  • General: You are expected to provide documents outside of 4 year range in RQ where requested – dating back to your arrival as CJs use this to assess ties (23)

CIC Citizenship Processing Network Statistics 08/2013

  • Between January and March of 2013, 78,860 citizenship grant applications were received while only 20,953 were accepted for processing.

CIC Oral Test Procedure 06/2013

CIC RQ Statistics 04/2013

  • The only comprehensive data regarding the Residence Questionnaire.
  • 22% of citizenship applicants received RQ since May 2012.

CIC RQ Delays  04/2013

  • CIC call agent script for RQ & citizenship delays

More CIC RQ-related emails 04/2013

I would like to have clarified  whether we are expected to do internet searches for all residence clients? Exactly what are the parameters and criteria when doing a search? (p7)

Some time ago, the field was advised to hold citizenship applications from clients whose address was outside Canada, pending a policy decision on how they would be handled. (p8)

We are aware that indicator A5 [Self-identified as a consultant, self-employed or unemployed, with any travel during the relevant 4 year period.] and C1 [ID (provided in support of application) has been issued within 3 months of date of application.] are the source of many of the RQs that have been issued. (p11)

We are noticing that clients are not providing comprehensive submissions in most cases. (p13)

Additionally, just as an FYI, the majority of automatic RQs as per the triage criteria/risk indicators are due to A5, C1. (p13)

Seeking additional documents should be done only in rare instances. (p15)

CIC RQ-related emails 03/2013

Most questions on the RQ seem to be based on your “Arrival date in Canada”. For some clients…that could be 8-10-20 years ago. Is it possible that we ask someone to go back 10-20 years ago for Absences from Canada, Employment Ties, etc.? Shouldn’t we only be concerned with the 4 years preceding the grant application as per Basic Residence criteria? -p4

The RQ is 5 pages long. Currently we are issuing them to about 30% of applicants. -p23

Finally, we would like to provide a heads up re the impacts of the implementation of OB 407 – in our office at Scarborough CIC, we currently have 6000 cases for test. (These are pre OB407 cases) If we are to conduct 500 tests a month, at this rate, it will take 60 months [ed. note- math error, it is actually 12 months] to finish testing these cases – this means that it will be one (1) year from now that we will start working on those cases that will be referred to us from CPS-S, post OB407. As for the files with the residence questionnaire, combined with the files already assigned to citizenship staff, we estimate that it will be 24 months, before these will be delegated to staff. -p36

La plupart de nos clients ont eu une période sans emploi pendant la période de 4 ans. Avec le nouvel OB [operational bulletin] nous devons envoyer un questionnaire de résidence à la majorité de nos clients.
Un étudiant est-il sans emploi?
Un retraité est-il sans emploi?
Un individu en congé parental est-il sans emploi? -p43

Citizenship Management Quarterly Report 12/2012

  • During the 2nd Quarter of Fiscal Year2012-2013 (1 July 2012 to 30 September 2012), 6015 of 11,688 (51.5%) of adult applicants were referred to a citizenship hearing. (page 6 & page10)
  • During Q2 FY2012-2013 (1 July 2012 to 30 September 2012), 2273 of 4269 applicants at citizenship hearings were denied. (page 11)
  • 20-30% of people do not show up for their citizenship hearings. (page 11)

ATIP 3yr RQ processing 03/2012

“…The average 2-3 year timeframe for reviewing the RQ can be associated to many factors. Namely, processing targets have focused on making people citizens, thus straightforward files take precedent; clients submitting RQs with supporting documents are furnishing boxes of documents for our review and these take up a lot of time/resources…”


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