Association of Future Canadians

We need to work together to fight against the unreasonable citizenship delays!

Please join the Association of Future Canadians to work with other citizenship applicants and their allies to ensure a fair and timely path to citizenship. We are interested in organizing real-world actions such as writing articles, talking to the press, meeting with our MPs and exploring legal options.

If you agree with the following declarations, please sign up as a member of the Association of Future Canadians. All information will remain private (zealously guarded by the administrator of this site) unless you give expressed permission to be contacted by the media, those who may be interested in organizing legal action, or would like to share your email with other members of the group, in which case your information will only be passed on for the specified purposes. The provision of any demographic information is optional.

I support Fair and Timely Processing for Future Canadians, including:

  1. The creation of a citizenship ombudsman to provide independent oversight of the citizenship process and represent the interests of the CIC’s clients.
  2. The establishment of a maximum processing timeline of three years to conform with the Federal courts’ mandamus rulings regarding “reasonable” processing delays;
  3. The extension of CIC service standards to citizenship cases, establishing official departmental goals and reporting obligations for application processing;
  4. The extension of service standards and processing timelines to 95% of citizenship applications (as in the UK), thereby providing a truer account of processing timelines;


5 responses to “Association of Future Canadians

  1. Thank you. It’s been a while I felt we needed to start this, and thanks to social media and the delocalizing internet, we were able to find each other. Now we need to stand by each other and have a united voice, and get what we deserve as law-abiding taxpayers from the Tory government, through legal action and media exposure. We have waited long enough, and enough is enough. Tories will not appreciate our patience and will continue to take advantage of us if we don’t stop them through proper legal means.

  2. Thank you for starting this Eileen! I will have more free time in the Fall, and I will see what I can help with!

  3. 100% behind this initiative.
    CIC processing of RQ is unjust, disrespectful, discouraging and opposes the Canadian values of inclusiveness and justice.
    Thanks Eileen for this initiative. I’m willing to join hand.

  4. Hi Eileen,

    I’ve been a reader of your blog (plus other active people on forums and twitter) for a while. I am very appreciative of your efforts, and really like your informing approach towards the CIC’s ignorance / passive aggressive situation.

    I was wondering if you could post your email or else create an email for the association (you can easily have it forward to your own email) and publish it here so the readers can get in touch with you in case they want to volunteer. I got some ideas like starting a professional website, setting up a database for valuable information / hints people share on forums. Please feel free to contact me if you’re interested to discuss some ideas.


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