Documents Demanded by RQ

  • Report the exact dates of every absence from Canada, including day trips to the US from their arrival date in Canada to the present.
  • Documentation to verify these absences.
  • Colour photocopies and official translations of all pages of all current and expired passports.
  • Colour photocopies and official translations of all current and expired visas.
  • Official Records of Movement from any countries where one holds a passport.
  • Rental agreements with proof of rental payment
  • Mortgage or title documents
  • Property tax assessments
  • Municipal or school tax documents
  • Insurance policies
  • Marriage or divorce certificates
  • Children’s birth certificates
  • School transcripts or report cards
  • CRA Notices of Assessments
  • CRA T-4 statements, T-5 statements
  • Bank statements
  • Credit card statements
  • Corporate income tax documents
  • Incorporation and registration documents
  • Contracts, invoices and business bank statements
  • Letters from suppliers and purchasers
  • Logbooks and advertising contracts
  • Health records, immunization records for children
  • Proof of membership in religious or community organizations
  • Letters attesting to community service
  • Advertisements

    5 responses to “Documents Demanded by RQ

    1. Even the very first of these is for many of us impossible to ascertain, let alone prove by documentation.

    2. Firstly, thank you for all the information provided on your blog. Just wanted to know under the section of property and business inside Canada, does the property include vehicles purchased since the date of arrival. If so, do we need to provide ownership and purchase receipts as proof?

      • I can’t say for sure (not a lawyer, etc.) In general, I would guess that your case will not hinge on your car purchase information, but that if you are able to include it, it would be helpful. Good luck!

    3. I was requested to complete the RQ. Does anyone knows if the documents to send should be originals or photocopies?

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