Comments and contacting me

I get a lot of questions from citizenship applicants about their personal cases through email and through the blog comments. In general I don’t approve blog comments or questions about specific personal cases because the website is geared towards organizing resources that address the general challenges and questions faced by tens of thousands. The citizenship and immigration forums listed on the “social media” links can be a great place to get feedback on your individual case. More complex situations are best directed to a lawyer, a settlement worker or a reputable immigration consultant.

Finally, on a more cranky note: there is one type of comment which really gets to me. It’s my “bête noire” comment. I see it every once in awhile on the citizenship forums and occasionally get one here. Those wishing to make suggestions based on little more than their individual good fortune in a recent or ancient CIC application, please try to respect that your personal experiences are not universal and do not necessarily qualify you as an expert. One personal anecdote does not negate the experiences of tens of thousands. CIC statistics show that the processing timeline is longer than it has ever been and the backlog is bigger than ever.  Variations of comments suggesting that “Things are better now because it didn’t take my application very long” or “My aunt applied for citizenship 30 years ago and had no problems with the CIC, so I’m not sure what you guys are doing wrong” can feel very disrespectful to the legions of us mired in this process despite our qualifications for citizenship.

So, please consider:

    1. Individual cases cannot be interpreted as universal.
    2. One person’s good treatment by the CIC does not mean that people who are treated badly by the CIC deserve their bad treatment.
    3. The fast or slow processing of an application by the CIC may be completely irrelevant to the quality of that application.

3 responses to “Comments and contacting me

  1. Thanks for putting this note out. It reaffirms my recent conclusion that ‘main actors’ on blogs/forum/social media/Twitter do not have the capacity to handle,discuss or advise on individual cases. It is an absolute pro-bono service, necessitated by need of co-RQ/CIC victims. Whatever personal time we dedicate to the effort, comes from the heart, not from a formally-assigned role.

    • We’re all interested in people’s individual experiences, which is why many of us follow the citizenship forums, have google alerts, follow the news, etc. But as a volunteer with a busy life, as much as I would like to, I just can’t respond to everything.

      I will say though, I am a lot more likely to reply to those who ask nicely. Our work depends on goodwill and free time. We’re not getting paid. I know that getting an RQ can leave a person feeling stranded, confused and desperate, but when asking a favour from a stranger on the internet, please and thank you goes a long way!

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